Time Bubble EP

by DJ T-1000

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Emerging from the Time Bubble, the first thing the Black Man From The Future noticed was the smell. Carbon Monoxide. Methane. Not enough to kill, but enough to know he had landed in the early 21st Century. Before combustion engines had been outlawed, at least in his timeline. The haze was visible to his enhanced vision. But was it the air, or the effects of the time-jump?

Ever since quantum time-travel had become possible in the late 22nd Century, only short trips to the past were permitted, and even then by qualified researchers sent back only to observe in intangible forms, to prevent any tampering with the past. But this situation--THIS...suffice to say the Man was quite solid.

September, 11th, 2001 was the crux point, the destination that he'd wanted, the disaster he had been sent back to prevent, even if it meant his own erasure from the continuum. But unexplained tachyon interference prevented a pin-point arrival. A decade later, and Earth had turned. It was as if no one remembered the world before. But some had remembered. The Man has resolved to set things right, and the Cabal agreed.

No one knew what the Lahar were. Lizard? Insectoid? All that was known was that a few somehow adopted human form to pervert the time stream and bend Earth to their ends. To slowly terraform her to their conditions. And their plan was generational.

Acclimating himself to his new surroundings, the 21st Century air in his lungs, the taste of ozone still in his teeth from the time-jump, The Man prepares for his mission. He begins to make his way to a strange city from the past. Will they heed his warning?


released February 19, 2015

PURE30. Conceived, written and produced in ORD by Alan D. Oldham. Mastered in ORD by Angel G. Alanis. (P) & (C) 2009-2015 Track Machine/Generator Music BMI.



all rights reserved


DJ T-1000 Berlin, Germany

International art and music maschine. Black genius. Liquid metal shape-shifter. Lasergun for hire. Made in Detroit.

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